Exceptional Living

If you’re on my email list, follow me on the socials, or visit my website, you’ll notice the words “facilitating insight for exceptional living” just about everywhere. It’s how I’ve come to describe my life’s purpose. Because, when I think about everything I do and how I show up in this world in my writing, books, workshops, courses, consulting, psychotherapy, everything… I am facilitating insight for exceptional living.

Short of providing a manifesto to detail all the things I believe about life and living each time I introduce myself, I came up with a way to describe it all that is short and sweet. In fact, I cannot talk about this without mentioning an amazing woman, April R. Silver, Founder and CEO of Akila Worksongs. She’s phenomenal is so many ways, and was pivotal in assisting me to hone in on the essential communication messaging for me and my organization Healing Truth Center. With her encouragement and guidance to describe the essence of my belief system and intended impact in the world, “facilitating insight for exceptional living” was born and quickly integrated into my bio and online presence.

What is this exceptional living of which I speak?

  • Love, joy, peace, happiness, and fulfillment in all aspects of life and how we live each day.
  • Loving ourselves fully and completely.
  • Having deeply profound mutually loving, supportive connections with others.
  • Navigating all of life’s steps and stages with a sense of purpose, joy, and happiness.
  • Living fully each day with love and joy, as our truest most authentic and unapologetic selves at all times.
  • Loving life, even when it hurts… even when it requires us to shift and accept changes, including the departures of our loved ones when they leave their physical bodies to ascend Earthly living.
  • Healing when and where we hurt, feeling all of our feelings as they arise, knowing that our feelings are valid.
  • Resting, nourishing and caring for ourselves with great love.
  • Following through on our inspirations, being creative, implementing our dreams, and pursuing our goals and aspirations.
  • Speaking up, not leaving things unsaid.
  • Having a good time with life, and loving the lives we choose and cultivate for ourselves.
  • Being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and actions such that we are mindful of ourselves and others; we value ourselves and others, knowing that we are all worthy of every good possible; we respect life in us and in all others, hence we do no harm to ourselves or to others.

It’s good stuff. It’s my vision for everyone. And my prayer is that there truly is peace in the minds, hearts, actions, and lives of everyone, everywhere. I want to do my part to get us there. Hence my return to the online space to share freely and from my heart.

Speaking of… I spoke about Exceptional Living in more detail on IG LIVE. Check out the video which also includes an invitation to reflect on the concepts above about Exceptional Living.

I invite you to write out your very own conceptualization of Exceptional Living, in your own words. If you’re comfortable, I’d love to hear your own articulation of Exceptional Living. Comment, email me, post about it on the socials… If you do post, would you mind to also tag me @shawnamarieac, to make sure I get notified and see it?

Until next time…. Be Love. Be Wisdom. Be Power.

Bye for now!

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