Hello 2022!

Happy New Year! 2022 is here and I surely appreciate the reset that a new year brings. I tend to see each year as a marker, almost like bookends within which we have a constellation of memories. In this way, time offers us a virtual filing system for our lived experiences. I can look back and benchmark progress, notice shifts, and revel in the nostalgia of what was in any given year or timeframe. I can also allow myself to be grounded in this present moment and all the possibilities ahead for this new year.

What can we expect in 2022? Exactly what we collectively enable it to be!

Individually we each have lessons and life tasks to achieve that feed into the collective – the community of living beings and the ecosystem of which we are all part. When we remember that we are a member of the greater whole of existence, we realize that being careless with others or putting any aspect of the community at risk isn’t an option.

  • We don’t risk our individual well-being.
  • We don’t disregard nature or the environment.
  • We also don’t prioritize personal gains over the greater good of all.

We can neither forget how powerful we are in our individual wellness nor the collective wellness of the world. Our being-ness is much more critical than many of us realize — literally being well, at peace, content, caring, and authentically present, no matter what.

As I sat in meditation leading up to the new year, I was inspired to support community empowerment with healing truths.

What I see for us in 2022 is the opportunity to engage ourselves with the concepts of balance, mastery of the trinity/three-fold path, and success in wellness. I invite you to disciple with the concept of success within the context of collective community wellness. Can you conceptualize success as well-being, alignment, and being authentic? Perhaps staying on your own path, undistracted, and content? Maybe even mastery in living? Could success mean self-activation and self-actualization? Being your full and true self, unfiltered, unhindered, and unbothered? You get to decide your working definition of success for 2022.

There are several trinities and possibilities of a three-fold path for you to consider:

  • Life, Love, and Spirit.
  • Love, Wisdom, and Power.
  • Head, Heart, and Hand.
  • Mind, Body, and Spirit.
  • Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Know. Be. Do.
  • Word, Thought, and Deed.
  • Id, Ego, and Superego.

These are just a few. There are more. As you look these over, do you notice a missing trinity that you find important? Which trinity resonates with you the most? Were you to pick one to focus on for 2022, which would you select?

Are there ways you want to cultivate balance in how you are living and being? What comes to mind?

As a recovering workaholic my vision of balance looks like less work and more play, community, ease, and rest. Instead of my first thoughts being focused on serving others or whatever stressors may be looming, I’m focused on being present as authentically and lovingly to myself as possible. That includes mind, body, and spirit alignment. Meditation, prayer, yoga, casual walks, writing, listening to music, singing and dancing around the house, drinking lots of water, eating well, and freeing myself from being achievement focused are all helpful tools in my process. There’s comfort in knowing that my individual wellness has a positive impact on the overall wellness of the collective.

These are the keys that I offer you: balance, trinity and the three-fold path, and success in wellness. These are the themes we are invited to activate and deepen in 2022. Shall we activate and go deeper into our embodiment of balance and success in a three-fold path together?

Onwards my dear to this blessed new day and year! If there are other souls who will be inspired by this message, please do share it with them.

Love always,

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