Motivation for Daily Exercise

I’ve had neck and back pain for more than 20 years. Massages help but have never fully alleviated the pain. A head-on car crash, a roller blading accident, plus several spills skiing and snowboarding were significant contributors over the years. After experiencing intense knee pain a few weeks ago, seemingly out of nowhere, I went to see a physician. The first visit consisted of an assessment during which I learned that, despite the pain, with exercise and physical therapy, I would likely become pain free and be able to walk without any issues.

I decided to go back regarding my neck and back. Why not? And here’s where it gets juicy. During this second assessment and consultation I learned that three things would eliminate all this pain.

#1 – Daily exercise and stretching.

#2 – Consistent rest.

#3 – Less or no stress.

Dassit?! Dassit. I’ve been paying beaucoup bucks for massages, enduring pain and discomfort for YEARS, because I’m not consistently exercising, stretching, resting, and eliminating stress? I’ve got a bunch of specific exercises to address my neck, back, and knee, which I’m happy to do. But, the turning point, the aha moment, came during my drive home. I realized there’s literally no excuse for me not to take exceptionally good care of me — not just massages, but to actually be deliberate about consistent daily exercise, rest, and less stress, no matter what.

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