The My Prosperity NOW program will support you, if you’re ready, to rise to your next level of financial freedom.

Suffering, stress and strain are simply not necessary in life, especially when it comes to finances. There’s no special place in heaven for souls who’ve endured with limited financial means. And there is no good reason to live in the shadows of your financial potential. Yet, many people struggle Continue Reading

The Loving ME program will ignite your love for YOU, empowering you to wellness and love-filled living!

Whether you’re single and dating, single and haven’t dated in what seems like forever, happily married or questioning if you’ll continue in your marriage… the ability to love YOU is a necessary skill everyone can cultivate and master! Married, dating or single, a love-hungry or love-deficient person needs love and validation from others in order to Continue Reading

Opening To Spirituality is a great program for you if you’re ready to explore and develop your spirituality.

Most of us learn and adopt the spiritual perspectives and traditions of our caregivers. We follow along with those in our closest circle of influence who believe very strongly in a particular practice, set of beliefs, religious identifications or lack there of, and essentially operate on borrowed Continue Reading