Are you ready to ignite your love for you?

Whether you are single and dating, single and haven’t dated in what seems like forever, happily married or questioning if you’ll continue in your marriage… the ability to love YOU is a necessary skill that everyone can cultivate and master!

In and of itself, your status on the dating scene is certainly not a measure of self-love or satisfaction in your love life. A love-hungry or love-deficient person needs love and validation from others in order to survive, whether or not they are in a relationship. This is not a healthy quality and does not usually work well in relationships, intimate or otherwise. On the other hand, when your love of self measures off of the charts… you’re able to be emotionally fulfilled, satisfied and happy while single, in a relationship, healing through a breakup and cultivating a wonderful new relationship with joy and ease. If you want to be so full of love that you’re able to smile all day, look in the mirror with joy as you see your beautiful face and flourish in a truly satisfying loving relationship, Loving ME is the program for you!

The Loving ME Program will awaken all of the love you have inside of you. Over the course of 8 weeks you will ignite a powerful lasting love for you. You will consciously uncover and heal yourself of past hurts, heartbreaks and any negative messages that you’ve received over the years that chipped away at your self-esteem and ability to love yourself. You’ll also learn how to love and to continue to love you without losing yourself in a relationship. Plus, you’ll be developing your very own Loving ME Plan to ensure that you stay the course full of love and able to navigate any circumstances in dating and relationships.

What can you expect after completing this program?

Through the Loving ME Program you will:
(1) increase your confidence, excitement about, and ability to love you,
(2) uncover and completely eliminate negative beliefs about yourself,
(3) heal yourself of past hurts and heartbreaks in love,
(4) awaken the fullness of your love (regardless of your relationship status), and
(5) learn how to truly experience satisfying lasting love in your/a relationship.

You should ONLY consider the Loving ME Program if you’re really and truly ready for a radical shift in your thoughts, feelings AND ACTIONS as pertains to your ability to love you under the guidance of a licensed mental health professional. This is NOT the program for you if you just want to learn some positive words to speak over yourself, pretty prayers or tricks to be a “love magnet” or to “manifest” and “attract” a relationship. This is NOT the program for you if you’re looking for a scheme to magically make someone love you, get back with you, or propose to you. This IS the program for you if you realize that you’ve been hurt and weathered on the love tip enough that you’ve gotten a little down on yourself and wonder when and if you’ll finally be able to get over it. This IS the program for you if you want to learn how to stop disappearing in your relationship, stop desperately seeking out someone to love you (or prove how much they love you), and strengthen your ability to be in a truly satisfying loving relationship.

The healing truth is: you were born to love and to be loved beyond measure, DAILY.  It’s likely that your experiences to date have not made that clear. In fact, you may have experienced a series of heartbreaks in love. You may have been abused, neglected, disregarded, violated, lied to, cheated on or strung along by someone who professed their love for you, for years. It’s possible that your parents, caregivers or other family members said all kinds of negative things about you, your looks, your personality, your size and your ability or inability to be loved.

The good news is ‘that was then and this is now.’ Your past is not a forecast for your future. What others have said to or about you and what they’ve done… none of that defines you! Your past relationships (or even the current one that hasn’t been satisfying) can finally be behind you once and for all! Yes, you can get back to loving you. Yes, you can learn to be so full of love that your heart, mind and soul can be fully healed. Breaking the cycle of unloving experiences has to start with you. Invest in learning how to fully and completely love you. Plus, how you love and treat you serves as a living guide for how others love and treat you. Set the bar high! Learn how to really and truly love you first, most and always!

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