Are you ready to grow into your next level of financial freedom?

Suffering, stress and strain are simply not necessary in life, especially when it comes to finances. There’s no special place in heaven for souls who’ve endured with limited financial means. And there is no good reason to live in the shadows of your financial potential. Yet, many people struggle financially, live from check-to-check, don’t see the benefits of living a life of financial security, and have ALL kinds of wrong ideas about money. Those ideas correspond with actions that pave the road to poverty and a life of “just enough to get by.” If you are one of those people, and you’re ready to shift, stretch and grow into an entirely new level of financial experience, do not let yourself continue on the path to poverty. Get ready to move into a “more than enough” financial experience! The My Prosperity NOW Program is for you!

You deserve the absolute best in every aspect of your life! It just so happens that your finances and level of financial well-being can either be the source of tremendous satisfaction and support OR the source of tremendous stress and dissatisfaction in your life.

The My Prosperity NOW Program will expand your understanding of prosperity and increase your ability to enjoy financial well-being. Over the course of 8 weeks you will learn principles of living financially empowered, the benefits of financial wellness, the psychological constructs that prevent and promote financial freedom, how to unpack all of those emotions related to your sense of self worth and any financial traumas you’ve endured, as well as develop your vision and new foundational core beliefs about financial wellness. You’ll also create your very own My Prosperity NOW Plan, too!

What can you expect after completing this program?

Through the My Prosperity NOW Program you will:
(1) increase your confidence and excitement about a life of financial wellness,
(2) decrease and/or completely eliminate negative beliefs about wealth, money and financial well-being, and
(3) receive a wealth of resources that you can refer to as you continue to expand your understanding and experience of wealth after completing the program.

You should ONLY consider the My Prosperity NOW Program if you’re really and truly ready for a radical shift in your thoughts, feelings AND ACTIONS as pertains to your finances and experiences with money. This is NOT the program for you if you just want to create a vision board, learn some fancy affirmations and pray to a magical presence from whom you wish to receive some money blessings. Seriously, this isn’t that type of program. There’s no fasting, pretty prayers or mantras to “manifest” or “attract”  money into your life. Plenty of folks are peddling products and programs like that. That is not what this program is about.

The healing truth is: your thoughts and emotions influence your actions and your experiences. Depending on what you’ve learned, believed and experienced related to you, your talents or vocation, money, wealth and financial matters, you’ll continue to think, feel, act and experience exactly as you do right now until you make a shift. In order for that type of a radical shift to come about, you’ll have to go deep within your thoughts, emotions and memories to identify what’s holding you in your current level of financial experience.

The good news is that most problems in life are begging for a solution. That solution usually requires more information. There’s something you just don’t know, that when you do know it… your problem will be solved once and for all. Whatever money or financial problems you may be experiencing in this moment, they’re begging for a solution. Once you unpack all that you’ve ever been taught about yourself, your path, money, abundance, poverty and wealth…  then learn all that this program will support you to uncover about financial wellness… and then consciously take actions to be and live YOUR personal My Prosperity NOW Plan… you’ll finally be on track to grow into your next level of financial freedom – well beyond what you’ve probably ever thought was possible for you to achieve in one single lifetime.

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