Are you looking to explore and enhance your spirituality?

Most of us learn and adopt the spiritual perspectives and traditions of our caregivers. We follow along with those in our closest circle of influence who believe very strongly in a particular practice, set of beliefs, religious identifications or lack there of, and essentially operate on borrowed faith. We trust wholeheartedly in what we’re taught and learn very quickly that asking questions is simply not allowed. Unfortunately those questions remain unanswered as the years go by and life experiences begin to force us to reconsider just about everything that we were taught. For some, those questions may have begun to surface much sooner in childhood or during their teen years. Traditions, religion and anything to do with “God” may have been avoided entirely.

Do you have questions about “God”, life and spiritual concepts? Would you like to develop your spiritual perspective and explore some of the practices that can enhance your faith? You get to choose what it is that you believe about life, “God”, spirituality and just about everything. Those beliefs can serve to support you in living a great soul-satisfying life OR one that’s completely devoid of spiritual understanding.

The Opening To Spirituality Program will support you to uncover and develop your spiritual perspective. Over the course of 8 weeks you will learn principles of living spiritually, how to understand the role that your thoughts play in your life, as well as basic practices that cultivate faith, confidence and overall well-being. You’ll also create your very own plan for honoring YOUR spiritual perspective.

What can you expect after completing this program?

Through the Opening To Spirituality Program you will:
(1) identify and consider all of the questions that you have about “God”, life and spirituality,
(2) learn how to tap into your very own inner wisdom,
(3) develop the ability to concentrate and embrace conscious moments of silence,
(4) receive an introduction to prayer methods, and
(5) unlock and create a plan to honor your very own spiritual pathway.

You should ONLY consider the Opening to Spirituality Program if you’re really and truly ready explore your thoughts, feelings AND ACTIONS as pertains to your faith and spirituality. This is NOT the program for you if you just want to sit back and learn some pretty prayers, nice quotes or guided meditations. It’s not the program for you if you want to become a psychic, medium or empath. It’s also not the program for you if you’re not willing to take a deep and honest look into your life experiences and beliefs, even those that are widely held and popular in society. Opening To Spirituality will push you to reflect and consider some of life’s greatest questions, including your very reason for being.

The healing truth is: your faith, what it is you truly believe, influences ALL aspects of your life. What most souls don’t realize is that their spiritual perspective is one of the deepest and most pivotal forces operating in their lives. Left ignored, your curiosity will only grow and your life experiences will remain the same. On the flip side, when you do tap into your spirituality, and consciously develop your spiritual perspective, ALL aspects of your life automatically align into a Divine Order. Your intuition grows. Your wisdom opens up. You have the ability to light the fire of your faith and masterfully navigate every turn on life’s path.

What are you waiting for? Opening To Spirituality is a journey within yourself, into your mind, heart and soul where you will consciously reveal your very own conviction and ability to live in spiritual perspective.

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