Private confidential supportive psychotherapy for adults (18+ years of age) only.

Call or text 914.355.9171 for a free initial consultation.

**All services are currently being provided via “telehealth” videoconferencing due to COVID19 precautions.

Getting Started

Psychotherapy is a super supportive healing method that is ideal for souls ready to go deep within their thoughts, feelings, as well as past and present experiences for the purpose of gaining insight and skills to embrace the joy, love, peace, happiness, harmony and wellness of exceptional living. Psychotherapy can cultivate profound change for individuals, couples, and families, too! To get started, call or text 914.355.9171 to schedule a free initial consultation. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, express your concerns and decide if working with me for individual, couple and/or family psychotherapy is the next step.

Individual Therapy

If you decide to explore individual psychotherapy with me, your first session will consist of a comprehensive assessment of all areas of your life. Within 1 hour, I will ask a series of questions that will let me get to know you, understand your inspirations for seeking support, and assess if there is a mental health and/or substance use diagnosis that best describes your experiences and symptoms. I will provide clear easy-to-understand information about my initial impressions as a result of the assessment as well as a recommended plan for your care. If there is no diagnosis, rationale for this determination will be provided along with recommendations for next steps.

After your initial assessment, you will receive individualized supportive psychotherapy to:
(1) Address specific challenges and experiences;
(2) Face and overcome fears and anxiety;
(3) Address concerning behavior patterns;
(4) Alleviate depression, grief and stress;
(5) Improve your self-esteem and confidence;
(6) Heal through a divorce, breakup, recent loss and/or trauma(s);
(7) Understand the full range of your emotions, thoughts, relationships and circumstances;
(8) Develop insight, situational awareness, self-regulation, coping and social skills;
(9) Set and achieve life, career and relationship goals; and
(10) Develop a lifestyle rooted in self-care, self-awareness, spiritual understanding and wellness.

Couples Counseling/Therapy

If you are seeking support to strengthen your relationship with your partner and overcome one or more life events that has proven challenging for both of you, couples counseling is worth considering. Through couples counseling you and your partner can assess the strengths and challenges in your relationship, set goals, and work to achieve those goals. Sessions will support both of you to get clarity in your relationship, strengthen communication skills, address issues and concerns, and allow your relationship to evolve into its best form, be it that you choose to remain a couple or to separate/divorce.

Family Therapy

When any single family member is growing through challenges, it impacts the entire family. There are also situations within families which require additional support in order to understand and overcome what’s preventing the family from truly thriving as a unit. Consider family therapy when the full family unit is willing to explore strengths and challenges within the family, and work together to both heal and solve family challenges. Together you will set and achieve goals as a family.

Note: I accept Aetna, Cigna, Oscar Health, Oxford, and United Healthcare insurance. For my availability and booking via your insurance please go to my Headway profile.