Are you considering psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is an incredibly supportive option for souls seeking greater peace, love, and overall wellbeing in every aspect of life. In each meeting you, your healing, and your wellness are the priority. You are fully seen and heard. You share as well as learn about your thoughts, feelings, questions, concerns, fears, dreams, goals, hurts… any and everything that will enable you to heal from past or present experiences, restore, and truly live a life that you love.

My approach to psychotherapy is person-centered and completely customized to each individual and couple who chooses to work with me. Drawing from a range of theories and methods, I am committed to the healing, restoration, and liberation of those of us who are most impacted and most harmed by the racialization of Black, Brown, and Beige bodies. I prioritize listening and empowerment as I interwieve cognitive, cognitive behavioral, narrative, motivational interviewing, trauma-focused, somatic, solution focused, spiritual/existential and other techniques as needed when I believe they align and can potentially be helpful for the person or couple I’m working with in the moment.

Our initial meeting includes an invitation for you to identify strengths and areas of potential growth or concern in 12 dimensions of wellness: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual, relational, creative, vocational, financial, environmental, community, and systems. I’ll ask a series of questions that will let me get to know you and understand your inspirations for seeking support. From there we will set goals for our work together, and plan for how best to proceed.

Getting Started

To get started, contact me to schedule a free initial consultation. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, express your concerns and decide if working with me is the next step.

Individual Therapy

If you decide to explore psychotherapy with me, during our first meeting I’ll ask a series of questions that will let me get to know you, understand your inspirations for seeking support, and co-create a plan for how best to work together to:

(1) Alleviate anxiety, stress, sadness, and/or grief;
(2) Improve self-esteem and confidence;
(3) Heal through a breakup, family conflict, recent loss, and/or trauma(s);
(4) Understand the full range of your emotions, thoughts, relationships and circumstances;
(5) Develop insight, situational awareness, self-regulation, coping and social skills;
(6) Set and achieve life, career and relationship goals; and
(7) Develop a lifestyle rooted in self-care, self-awareness, spiritual understanding and wellness.

Couples Counseling/Therapy

If you are seeking support to strengthen your relationship and overcome past/present challenges, couples counseling may be a good next step. Through couples counseling you and your partner can assess the strengths and challenges in your relationship, set goals, and work to achieve those goals. Sessions will support gaining clarity in your relationship, strengthen communication skills, address issues and concerns, and allow your relationship to evolve into its best form, whether you choose to remain a couple or to separate.

Note: I am licensed to provide psychotherapy in New York and New Jersey. If you do not reside in NY or NJ, I am not able to serve in the role of psychotherapist. All sessions are provided by video conference using Zoom or by phone for adults only.

I accept insurance: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Cigna, Oscar Health, Oxford, & United Healthcare.

Call or text 914.355.9171 for a free consultation.