Life Wellness

Fear Less

Do you find yourself immobilized or unable to take action that you know is for your good? I’m continually reminding myself and others that fear is both normal and natural. The goal is not to have “no fear” no matter how popular the phrase may be. The goal is to fear less.

Life Wellness

The Magic of New Beginnings

There’s something special about the opportunity to begin, often again, for a new day, month, quarter, chapter, phase, or year ahead. While we can get bored with the day to day comings and goings of life, at the start of a distinct period of time or experience it can be easier to rally our energy […]


Honoring Father’s Day & Juneteenth

It’s both Father’s Day and Juneteenth today. With my Dad, Grandpa, and Pop no longer physically with us, it’s tempting to avoid thinking about today as Father’s Day, recognizing the importance of honoring fathers, and avoid the emotions of sadness and grief that still linger ever so quietly in the background most days. I suspect they would…